Data Normalisation

Ask us about Data NormalisationIf your data is inconsistent, if phone numbers are missing area codes or some have the international prefix while others just a leading zero(0), we can help!

If your address data isn’t parsed into the respective fields properly, we can help!

If you data is spread out through different fields, and isn’t in the same consistent column, we can help!

Services offered


Extract Transform Load(ETL)

ETL is a process used in all Data Migration projects, and ensures that we can handle any form of data coming in. Our skills in this area will mean that your data will leave us in a succinct and concise format, allowing for an easy import back into your systems.
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Phone Normalisation

One of the key areas that suffer within a database, are the phone numbers. These can be keyed in from data entry operators, or imported from multiple purchased lists. Whatever your scenario, we can ensure that we create a concise format, perfect for your dialer or manual calling system.

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Address Normalisation

One of the key areas that suffer within a database, are the addresses. Be it from Data Entry, Lead Generation or purchased lists, if they are not parsed correctly then your ability to effectively match the data will be hampered. Allow us to ensure your address data is normalized, and at the same time, we’ll ensure conformity to Australian Post standards.

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Data Deduplication

Sometimes the hardest steps to take in a data cleanse, are the removal of duplicates. We have a decade of duplicate handling behind us, and can ensure that your data is duplicate free, no matter the complexity.
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