Data Updating

Ask us about Data UpdatingIf you’re data is just Names and Phone numbers, or you believe your address information is a little lacking, then we’re able to provide you with an option to update and/or enhance your existing data.

This will ensure that your data becomes more comprehensive, and will save countless hours if you’re telemarketing the data. This process will also mean that your data becomes dual purpose, meaning it can be used for Telemarketing or Mailing.

Services offered


Address Updating

Utilising our advanced matching techniques, we’ll match your data against our validated and trusted Masterfile, and update Australia Post Certified address points to your data.
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Data Verification

If your data is need of some TLC, then we’ll massage it back into shape through our exhaustive matching algorithms. This will ensure that your data is at the head of the class, and performs with straight A’s!
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