Phone Validation

Ask us about Phone ValidationsAre your phone numbers no longer connecting? Are you finding that the person on the other end of the phone isn’t the same as the one in your database?

Then you need to validate and update the information you have. We have a number of solutions for these phone challenges, or any other phone related problems.

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Phone Validation

The first step in any validation exercise is to ensure that your phone data is still valid. With our help, you can increase your contact rates and reduce your disconnect percentages, in one quick and easy step.

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Data Deduplication

Sometimes the hardest steps to take in a data validation exercise, are the removal of duplicates. We have a decade of duplicate handling ability behind us, and can ensure that your data is duplicate free, no matter the complexity involved.

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The most critical aspect of any data set, is knowing just how old the information is. We are able to validate your data to an accuracy of “< 90 days”. This ensures that not only are you contacting who you think you should be, but your chances of the mail getting through are 90+ percent!

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Additional Verification Services

If you have Business contacts (be they customers or prospects), we can verify the information for you. We employ some of the most talented persons to specifically work on your campaign, and will make sure that we call each and every one on the list. This will give you a competitive edge, like no other!
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