Data Cleaning

Our Data Cleansing solutions span the breadth of a multi-channel approach. Our solutions can encompass anything from a standard data normalisation, to address validation to data verification services through our Outbound telemarketing channels. No matter what your data challenge, we have a solution that will fit.

With our vast array of knowledge in processing data, we’re able to bring to you a solution that will ensure your data is “clean”.

Our specialities include;

  • Data Normalisation
  • Data Dedupe
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Merging
  • Data Parsing

“Clean” can mean different things to different people. You could be looking for a list that you can have faith is current, you could be wanting to “Normalise” your data. You might want to dedupe the data you have, you could want to wash two lists against each other to have one combined deduped list. It really does come down to what you need.

As a part of any Data Cleansing solution, TDC will provide a comprehensive “Data Audit.  Often, we’re only solidifying what you already “thought”.  Other times, you’ll be surprised and shocked at just how bad your data is.

Our comprehensive reporting will cover;

  • Record Completeness
    • Initial vs. First Name
    • Telephone penetration %
    • Mailing Address Quality
      • AMAS validated Mailing Address %
      • Missing Street Number Prefixes (such as unit numbers)
      • Missing Postcodes
      • Missing States
      • Incorrectly keyed Street Address
      • % of records able to be corrected
  • Record Duplication
    • Address Duplication
    • Surname + Address Duplication
    • Initial + Surname + Address Duplication
    • Surname + Phone Duplication
    • “Fuzzy” Matching
  • Record Recency
    • Data validated against privacy compliant sources, to determine accuracy of information
      • Additional reporting can be provided to determine potential ability to update information for older data sets.  Typically this is anywhere from 30 – 60%, depending upon the quality of the data elements, and the age of the information.
      • Typical information to be updated/appended will include;
        • New Address/Update of missing elements
        • New Phone Number
        • Mobile Phone

The above example outputs highlight our residential reporting capabilities.  For a comprehensive listing of our Business data reporting, please contact us directly.

Give us a call, or drop us an email, and we’ll be sure to find you a solution that meets your needs.