Email Validation

Email marketing can be a cost effective and efficient way to bring the word to your opt-in prospects and customers, however email lists tend to become old and unreliable much quicker than the traditional direct mail and telemarketing lists, this due to the volatile nature of the Internet.

Several free email providers will automatically cancel their clients accounts if they don’t log-in for a while, and many users change their email addresses often, such as every time they switch from an Internet provider to another in the search for a better deal.

If you are familiar with email marketing and you are working with email lists that are a few years old, you know that it is not unusual to end up with a 50% or more of undeliverable mailboxes. This often results in a waste of money, as well as wrong response projections, which in turn will affect all aspects of your marketing planning and budgeting.

The Data Company has access to an array of technologies to check if a mailbox exists without actually sending an email to that address. Regardless if you have a list of 100 email addresses or one million, we can quickly and very cost effectively verify your lists and provide you with a report showing which mailboxes are deliverable and which are not, as well as a technical explanation of why they are not, wherever possible.