AMAS Address Validation

The Data Company has partnered with DataTools P/L to bring to our clients a complete range of data validation and matching software, along with individual integration services that will allow them to make the best out of their products in their own environment, and all at a very competitive price.

Main features are:

  • AMAS compliance
  • Barcoding
  • Fuzzy matching for better dedup
  • Return mail management

So whether you are looking for compliance to the Australian post guidelines in order to obtain postage discounts, or simply you want to clean up and enhance the quality of your customers and/or prospects databases, the Data Company and DataTools have you covered.

When you make your purchase from us, not only we will sort the best software for you from DataTools range of products, but depending on the size of your purchase we will also offer you between 1 and 8 hours of complimentary data management services, which can be used towards the integration and automation of your software into your own environment. Conditions apply *

* Complimentary services are only offered remotely, that is on the phone, email, or remote connection to the client network where possible. On-site visits will attract extra costs. Additional working hours required are charged at a standard hourly rate.