Data Management, as serious as a heart attack!

Data is really the key to success of any organisation, and I’m sure that most companies get that.  And I’m also confident that a number of them treat this topic with the respect that it deserves.  But, I also bet that if the “Data Team” doesn’t report directly to the Marketing Managers within the organisation, then the quality of the data will often take a back seat.  When a Data Team is encompassed within the bounds of an IT operation, the main objective is usually “Up-Time”.  Only when that same team is tasked with writing the reports, do they start to care about the quality of the data coming into the database.  Up until then, it’s seen as someone else’s problem.

So help me, one and all, to combat the lethargy in business when it comes to Data Management.  Join me, and become a solider of….hang on, this is far too militant!  But look, you get the drift.  Data Management is important, cause without it your;

  • Reports will be worthless
  • No projections will be meaningful and
  • Your customers/prospects will laugh at you.