Do you take Data Management seriously enough?

Maybe you do, and if you’re here reading these articles, then you probably are!  Yet some companies out there don’t even have a person/team dedicated to this task.  And if that means that you outsource this aspect of your business, then GREAT!  But, I fear that this is not the case.

I was speaking to a colleague of mine, who currently works for a Tier One International Organisation.  We were discussing the “day to day” investment of the company they work for in Data Management.  It was sadly just that one person…and we’re talking about a 10 figure annual turnover organisation.  Back in the day, when I worked for a name brand Time Share organisation, we took Data Management very seriously.  So seriously, that we had a dedicated team looking after the data. And this team was only for Marketing!  I lead this team from the inception of that department, until I left, and we were considered the “goto” hub for anything Data related within the department.  It wouldn’t matter if you wanted to Direct Mail to a particular segment, or if you needed some quick wins on the board to those persons who have interacted with you before.  Whatever the marketing team needed, we knew how to extract it for them.

Once you have access to a resource such as this, you will seriously not look back!  Let the data geeks play with the data, and you won’t be sorry.  So long as you have someon that can traverse the Marketing to IT language barrier, then you’re set!

Are you taking Data Management seriously enough?