Now is the time…

Now is the time to schedule your Data Validations, Data Normalisations, Data Dedupes and CRM Data Cleanses! Miss the tide this year, and you’ll be waiting another 12 months for the same boat to dock.

Right now you’re coming up, generally speaking, to a “Lazy” period in your database. You’re looking down the barrel of low transactional activity, additional persons away, and a prime time opportunity to really do some good within your Database! Essentially you’ll be able to take the Database down for a period greater than might be tolerated during other times of the year. Of course, this will not be true for all, but it’s certainly worth considering for most.

The Data Company (TDC) is well placed to perform anything from rudimentary validations, such as “Are my customers and prospects still residing/opearating where I think they are?” through to more comprehensive normalisations, removal of duplications at Company/Name + Address/Phone (or any other combination) and validations. Our more comprehensive processes would ensure that all Address points are ratified to Australian Post standards. We use AMAS certified products and this will ensure that not only are the address points “valid”, but it also means that when it comes to searching for duplicates within your dataset, everything is in a succint format. This increases our chances of finding duplicates, and further increases the accuracy of the matching. Add to this process, a comprehensive match against our Residential or Business Masterfiles, and we can accurately ensure that either the Person or Business, still resides/operates where you think they do(or has the same phone). And if they don’t, we’ll update the details on your dataset, to reflect the “truth”.

We have both the experience and the power to handle your data professionally, securely and quickly, ensuring that your down time is limited to what you can tolerate.

Think of it this way, do it now and let the database reward the business with increased revenue opportunites, or miss the boat and wait another 12 months for this same opportunity to arrive.

The scoping of your needs and ultimately the presenatation of your personalised proposal is quick and painless. It’s what we do, so we’ll guide you through each and every step from A to Z!

So don’t delay, jump to our contact form, or call us directly today to find out more!