Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for The Data Company Pty. Ltd.
ACN : 141 676 486
PO Box 3818
Robina Town Centre
QLD 4230
The Data Company(TDC) conducts business throughout Australia and New Zealand. During the course of it’s business, TDC may need to obtain, verify or enhance data, in accordance with client requirements. Data used for this purpose is privacy compliant, and handled with the utmost care and respect.
Client data, that is provided to TDC, is not shared with, combined with, or disseminated in anyway, other than in accordance to achieve the desired result for the client. Client data is held within a secure environment, and will not leave said environment for any purpose outside the scope of works.
TDC is fully compliant with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act of 2000 Cmth, which can be viewed at
TDC also operates within the requirements of Australian privacy legislation.
TDC pledges to conduct our relationships with both customers, and other information providers, in an ethical and professional manner. TDC includes in our client and supplier contracts, a commitment that any data sent to us has been legally obtained and that the client’s subsequent use of any data received from us will be in compliance with all data protection laws, as well as with applicable industry information practices.