Data Migration

Data Migration…We’ll make it so simple for you, that it will look like it’s just a case of moving data from one point to another!

The Data Company specialises in all types of Data Migrations, be they SQL Server Migrations, or any type of CRM currently on the market. Our dedicated team will work with you, ensuring that you have the best possible approach, and most relevant data set at the end of the project.

We’ll work in conjunction with you internal, and outsourced, IT resources or we’ll handle it all from A to Z on your behalf. Your level of involvement is your decision. It’s because of this; we’ve created a dedicated team to handle just this activity.

TDC specialises in “Big Bang” migrations. To achieve these we;

  • Will consult extensively with all client stake holders.
  • Conduct a complete internal client data risk assessment.
  • Offer alternative strategies, such as a “delta” approach, should we believe it appropriate.
  • Ensure that all options for redundancy and fall back are extensively researched and tested.
  • Provide a detailed, step by step, proposal for the migration.
  • Provide “test” cut overs to reduce errors during “live” migration.
  • Provide 24/7 support for the first 72hrs post migration to ensure all systems are fully functional.
  • Work as much “Out of Hours” as possible, to reduce business down time.
  • Provide comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the migration

Give us a call, or send an email, and we’ll be sure to find you a solution that meets your needs.