Be it one list or multiple, we have the tools to allow for anything from a rudimentary wash, to complex fuzzy matching on all data types.  And so you know you’re in the best possible hands, all of our methods are 100% backed and supported by the software from DataTools P/L.

We can perform a multiple list de-dupe from $250 ex GST*

Our processes will handle both personal consumer based data, and the more complex Business data. We’re experts in ensuring that your duplicates are handled with the up most care.

Our services for Data Dedupe will not only handle your initial challenges, but also ensure that you have complete integration with the DataTools suite of products. This will ensure that you’re not only protected today, but that your data remains clean for years to come.

Our standard approach to data dedupe is;

  • Extract all data from your system
  • Dedupe data, based upon YOUR business rules
  • Import the data back into your system
  • Provide you with the tools and knowledge to continue to manage your own data effectively.
    • This can be done with a standalone desktop based product or,
    • Fully automated and integrated solutions, that work while you’re not.

So, you’re not standard….That’s fine, give us a call and we’ll ensure that your non-standard challenge is provided the best possible solution.

When you use the services at The Data Company, you can feel safe in knowing that your data is treated in line with strictest privacy principles.

Call us today, to learn why we’re the only company you should trust with your data!

* Record count must not exceed 10,000 and the quantity of spreadsheets/files must not be greater then 10.  For all jobs outside of this spec, please contact us directly for a competitive quote.